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Our Digital Marketing Services

We love helping other Western Australian businesses grow. If you are interested in our services, we will come to you anywhere in Perth to chat about how we can help your business.

  1. Optimising website code for high performance (HTML, CSS, Javascript).
  2. Writing relevant, engaging, targeted content to connect your site to the terms your customers are using in Google (research based targeted marketing).
  3. Conducting Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to increase the number of visits to the site, prolong time spent on page (bounce rate) and build page authority.
  4. Regular reports on the website, filtered for accuracy. Measurable results with embedded call tracking, website analytics and split testing.
  5. Local hosting on secure https connections.
  6. Developing websites with SEO built in from the ground up.

You may not know ...

It's not just about keywords and links anymore.

Since 2015 the Google Search Engine has been controlled by an artificial intelligence named RankBrain that uses machine learning to decide how to rank websites.

In 2019 the ability to rank your website is dependent on many factors and we implement as many of them as possible.

Techniques that worked in the past may now in fact harm your website.

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Website Checklist

Optimisation & Targeted Marketing Analysis

Nook Digital Marketing will analyse your website for code optimisation and content targeting based on our comprehensive SEO checklist.

  • We look at the technical aspects of the site from the files on the server and it's location, to the code (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and the size of the images (among other things).
  • We determine how the website is targeted and how you rank in Google's search engine for those words and phrases.
  • The checklist will provide you with section summaries as well as an overall site score for easy reference.

Each task on the checklist is worth 1 point and is not weighted, regardless of it's impact to SEO.

The goal is to achieve the top score. Please contact us today for your free site analysis.

Your website will be judged based on 85 key points.

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Website Useability and Optimisation Service

We will rectify the issues identified in the initial website checklist analysis with our fully custom package designed to meet all your needs. This is the first step to gaining the edge over your competition.

Your sites useability and optimisation will be judged based on 55 key points.

How do we optimise your site page?

Get a competitive advantage

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Targeted Content Writing Service

Reach your customer by writing content targeted to a niche in your industry and potentially bypass the intense competiton for the broader search terms.

We conduct extensive research to unearth niche search queries in your local area that are targeted to your business and have low competiton. This information is then used to write engaging relevant content that will appeal to your target market, as well as Google's ranking criteria.

Your sites targeting will be judged based on 18 key points.

Research Based Process

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Monthly SEO Service

At Nook Digital Marketing we understand that the only reason to have a website is to attract customers and make the sale. Having an organically ranking website will provide some of the best return on investment that your advertising budget can buy.

Growing and maintaining your advantage in Google organic rankings is an ongoing task as competitiors adapt and technology changes. Our ongoing service is to continually improve your website as well as provide regular comprehensive reports on its performance.

Our no contract policy means the onus is on us to maintain your website and ensure your satisfaction with regular updates.

Your Sites SEO will be judged based on 12 key points.

Ongoing Targeting and Optimisation Tasks

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Website Hosting

Nook Digital Marketing will host your website on a unique IP address with a security certificate for a secure https connection (great for SEO). The site will also be hosted on a server in your state.

Annual Website Hosting with Secure Local Connection

Prices are for 1 year of high speed hosting with a secure https connection, includes SSL certificate (price plus GST).

Static site (html, css, javascript)


Annual Website Hosting with Secure Local Connection

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