An introduction into Website Optimisation & Targeting

The goal of these recommendations is to simply get your business more referalls from your potential customers by ranking as high as possible in the Google Search Engine over time.

Our technical approach is to conduct target market research online to create relevant targeted content and interwining it with the optimisation of all aspects of the web development.

By optimising your website for speed and accessibility, providing a secure site and targeting the code and content of your site to a proven niche in your field you will have a competitive advantage over those that dont.

The scope of this checklist is front end web development and search engine optimisation according to best practice. Subjective graphic design of the website is not covered.

By implementing all the optimisation recommendations in the checklist you provide your site with increased performance which, when all other things are equal, will give your site a competitive edge in the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page). This means more exposure to your target market, more leads (referalls), more conversions (sales).

For the purpose of this list all items on the checklist have been given 1 point each and have not been weighted based on importance. The points are tallied by section and as an overall site score. We recommend implementing all the recommendations on the checklist to get a competitive edge.

Customer Details

Site Details

  • Google PageSpeed Results

Responsive Design (Useability)

Does your site display and function correctly on all sized screen and all different devices and operating systems? Some code will work perfectly on some devices and completely break on others requiring additional effort to solve a problem.

Websites should be tested on all operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS, Apple) and devices (phone, tablet, desktop) to ensure all users have the same experience.

In 2015 Google confirmed that mobile searches had overtaken desktop searches.

Mozilla Firefox Useability

  • Mobile (Samsung S7 Edge)
  • Tablet (Surface Pro)
  • Desktop (Windows 10)

Apple Safari Useability

  • Mobile (iphone 6)
  • Tablet (IPad)
  • Desktop (Mac Book Pro)

Microsoft Explorer 10+ / Edge Useability

  • Mobile (Samsung S7 Edge)
  • Tablet (Surface Pro)
  • Desktop (Windows 10)

Google Chrome

  • Tablet (Surface Pro)
  • Desktop (Windows 10)

iOS Useability (Apple Mobile)

  • iOS Safari
  • iOS Chrome
  • iOS Firefox

Chrome Useability (Android)

  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Total Useability Score:   / 16


Do you have the right files on the server with your website, is your connection verified and secure. Is your configuration file set up properly and to it's full potential.


  • Https Connection (TLS)
  • Structured Data
  • Hosted locally
  • gzip compression
  • robots.txt
  • sitemap
  • Server Score:  / 6

Meta Tags

  • Favicon
  • Charset
  • Viewport
  • Robots Follow
  • Description Tag
  • Title Tag
  • Canonical Tag
  • Meta Tags Score:  / 7


  • html5
  • Minimal HTTP req.
  • Semantic headings
  • w3c validation
  • No inline CSS
  • Minified
  • HTML Score:  / 6


  • Validation
  • Captcha
  • Form Score:  / 2


  • Images to CSS
  • Minified
  • Concatenated
  • Validate
  • CSS Score:  / 4


  • Utiliised
  • JS after body
  • async / defer
  • Replace js
  • Validate
  • Minified
  • Concatenated
  • Javascript Score:  / 7


  • Targeted Video Filenames
  • Targeted Photo Filenames
  • Image Size Correct
  • Images Compressed
  • Media Optimisation Score:  / 4

  • Total Optimisation Score:   / 39

Targeting (Site Page)

By writing content targeted to a niche in your industry you can target the customer and potentially bypass the intense competiton for the broader search terms.

Example: A Chiropractor creates a site themed on his specialty (aged care) then focuses the site on a lucrative treatment. The treatment is proven through market research to have a number of people searching for it on Google while the competition is focused on the broader subject.

You might target only a few customers searching for a highly profitable service or perhaps many customers searching for a lower profit item.

The idea is to focus your websites reach and give the user exactly the content they are searching for. This is achieved through extensive research on keywords and phrases to determine the type and number of searches conducted, as well competition on Google each month in your city.

Keyword Targeting

  • Targeted file name

Title Tag

  • 60 characters or less
  • Contains keyword
  • Title Score:  / 2

Description Tag

  • 155 characters
  • Contains keyword
  • Description Score:  / 2


  • Keyword targeted
  • In text anchors
  • Anchor Score:  / 2

Heading Tags

  • h1 Keyword targeted
  • One h1
  • Semantic
  • Headings Score:  / 3


  • Alt Tags
  • alt Keyword targeted
  • Aria Labelled by
  • Accessibility Score:  / 3


  • No Spelling Errors
  • No Grammar Errors
  • Prominent Phone No.
  • Content Score:  / 3


  • Appropriate Photos
  • Appropriate videos
  • Targeting Media Score:  / 2

Total Targeting Score:   / 18


Analytics are the measurements used to determine how your website is performing. Without this information it is impossible to professionally manage a website. This information is normally provided in a monthly report to the website owner.

Our monthly SEO service includes a 1300 number diverted to your phone that tracks all the calls made from the website. We also conduct continuous testing on user interaction and the site is maintained as the internet changes to ensure it stays fully optimised over time.

Your site may even be penalised by Google as the rules have changed considerably over the last few years and previous legitimate SEO tactics may now be actually causing your website harm.


  • Backlinks:
  • Offsite links:
  • Google Places Page
  • Facebook link
  • Instagram link
  • SEO Score:  / 5


  • No Keyword Stuffing
  • No Poor Quality Backlinks
  • No Unusual Traffic Spikes
  • Blackhat Score:  / 3

Search Console

  • Google Tracking
  • Indexed
  • No Penalties
  • No 404's
  • No /m /mobile 404's
  • Search Console Score:  / 5

Total Analytics Score  / 13

Total Site Score:   / 86